Modern Computer Viruses to Be Aware of


5 Common Computer Viruses & Cybersecurity Threats

Computer viruses continue to evolve and remain a key threat to small business owners. Understanding the most common computer viruses is essential in staying one step ahead of these potential cyber threats. Working with a managed IT security services company can play a vital role in keeping your business well-protected from all types of computer viruses. Around the clock monitoring, patch management, and data backup services are just a few ways an IT service provider keeps your company safe and secure from these evolving cybersecurity threats.

Here are a few examples of the most common computer viruses and why it is such a good idea to partner with IT support in Tampa.

#1 Zeus Virus

The Zeus virus continues to evolve and poses a significant threat to small business owners when this virus infects their systems. One of the main functions of the Zeus virus is to gain access to banking credentials by recording the keystrokes used to login to a financial account. Typically, the Zeus virus is downloaded through a phishing email by an unsuspecting employee. Educating employees on the common signs of a phishing scam is key to preventing these types of computer viruses.

#2 Kuik Adware

Kuik Adware is another dangerous form of malware that acts as a legitimate update for Adobe Flash Player. However, installing the update results in the adware collecting personal information and performing a wide range of malicious tasks against your computer. These actions may include logging keystrokes, stealing login and password credentials, and encrypting data on the computer. Regularly backing up important files and installing the latest anti-virus protection is essential in reducing the risk of getting infected with computer viruses like Kuik Adware.

#3 Astaroth Trojan

The Astaroth trojan is malicious software that primarily targets users through mass spam email campaigns. Once a computer is infected, the Astaroth Trojan is designed to steal personal information while also logging keystrokes and disrupting the operating system. Always training employees to never download attachments from unknown senders and keeping anti-virus software up to date is essential in keeping your computer system secure from these computer viruses.

#4 ZeroAccess

ZeroAccess affects older versions of Microsoft Windows by causing these computers to be part of a botnet to perform malicious activity. One of the primary uses of ZeroAccess is related to mining for bitcoins or generating clicks on online ads. ZeroAccess also has the capability to download other computer viruses to collect personal information while keeping all of these files encrypted on your computer.

#5 Yatron Ransomware

Yatron ransomware is one of the latest computer viruses. Yatron ransomware encrypts targeted files and can easily spread to other computers using DoublePulsar and EternalBlue exploits. Yatron Ransomware will also delete the encrypted files within 72 hours if the victim fails to make a payment. Creating data backups is the only effective way to protect yourself from all types of ransomware.

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