Securing Cloud Data


Tips on Securing Cloud Data

Cloud computing continues to transform the workplace and revolutionize the way businesses operate each day. Securing cloud data is a top priority due to the ever-increasing number of cyber threats that target small business owners. IT support in Tampa can play a key role in helping your company take advantage of cloud technology without sacrificing data security. Cloud computing will only continue to expand and securing data is always a top priority for an IT provider.

Here are a few essential tips for securing cloud data.

#1 Always Read the User Agreement

Taking the extra time to read the user agreement is critical in learning about the process of securing cloud data. It is always a good idea to look at who will have access to your information. Many times a company must follow specific guidelines in a particular industry, such as healthcare organizations that must always remain in HIPAA compliance. You should contact an IT company in Tampa if you have any questions or concerns about the details of the user agreement.

#2 Limit Storing Sensitive Information

Not all data needs to be uploaded to the cloud, especially if it is highly sensitive information. Storing this information in a secure location on-site may be a better solution if you do not need to access this data on a regular basis. However, it is always a good idea to manually create data backups of sensitive information and avoid keeping it in the same location for an added layer of security.

#3 Avoid Simple Passwords for Securing Data

Many employees make the mistake of creating simple passwords that are easy for them to remember. A password should always contain at least eight characters while including multiple lowercase and uppercase letters with numbers and symbols. A password manager is an excellent option if you have multiple accounts, as an employee will only need to remember the master passcode. All of the other passwords are automatically generated for the ultimate security against hackers trying to access your cloud account.

#4 Use Encryption to Secure Cloud Data

Choosing a cloud service provider that offers encryption is essential for securing data. Encryption keeps all of your files protected from any potential outside threats that do not have a unique security key to view your data. Encryption automatically occurs while you upload data on the cloud, as it gives you state of the art protection in securing cloud data for the ultimate security.

#5 Securing Data Through Employee Training

Training employees on basic cybersecurity tips is crucial in securing data. Cybersecurity training classes from a managed security service provider can play an important role in improving data security. These training sessions can focus on a variety of cybersecurity topics. Continually educating employees on these threats is one of the most effective ways to reduce the chance of a data breach and limit cybersecurity incidents.

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Securing cloud data is a top priority due to the ever-growing number of cyber-attacks in today’s work environment. Tampa Bay Tech Solutions is an IT service provider that specializes in cloud computing services for a wide range of clients. Maximizing data security and giving clients access to the latest tech is always a top priority. Tampa Bay Tech Solutions understands the importance of securing cloud data, as we are a partner with Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, and Dropbox services.

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