Common Employee IT and Technology Errors


5 Common Employee IT and Technology Errors

Technology errors caused by employees are a common issue for many businesses. An IT company in Tampa can help your company remain protected against these accidents and technology errors by providing security awareness training for employees. This training plays a key role in reducing common technology errors caused by employees that can lead to significant data breaches and downtime for your company.

Here are five of the most common technology errors committed by employees in today’s work environment.

Using Common Passwords

The use of common passwords makes it easy for hackers to gain access to confidential areas. An effective password needs to include at least 12 characters with multiple letters, numbers, and symbols for ultimate protection. Changing passwords every three months is recommended. An IT consultant in Tampa can help ensure that employees use different passwords for each account as an added layer of protection.

Downloading Unsafe Email Attachments

One of the most common technology errors committed by employees is downloading malicious email attachments from unknown senders. Many of these attachments contain malware that can disrupt the operations of your business. These attachments may also include ransomware, which requires users to pay a significant amount of money in bitcoin to regain access to important files. IT support in Tampa can train employees on the best methods to avoid downloading malicious attachments.

Clicking on Ads & Visiting Unsecured Websites

Clicking on an advertisement may also infect your computer with malware. IT service providers in Tampa can install an ad-blocker to limit access to potentially harmful sites. However, training employees on the importance of not visiting unsecured sites is essential in maximizing cybersecurity for your business. Web-filtering services from a managed security IT services provider can play a key role in reducing technology errors by limiting access to unsafe websites.

Becoming the Victim of Phishing Scams

Phishing scams prey on unsuspecting employees by posing as a legitimate company. Often times, these cybercriminals will send emails asking for confidential login information. Employees need to understand that a reputable company will never solicit information through email without prior contact. Often these email addresses contain slight misspellings of the original name of the company.

Not Staying Updated on Latest Cybersecurity Threats and Trends

Cybersecurity attacks can quickly evolve over a short period. Understanding the latest schemes is essential in staying a step ahead of these cybercriminals. Employees that undergo regular security awareness training classes from an IT service provider is one of the most effective ways to stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity trends.

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