What Causes IT Downtime?


4 of the Most Common Reasons for IT Downtime

IT downtime can cost your business money and many hours of productivity. IT downtime can also create a negative customer experience and damage the reputation of your company. Choosing to partner with an IT company in Tampa can help your business avoid downtime while gaining access to around the clock IT support and the best technology available.

Here are four of the most common reasons for IT issues in the workplace.

#1 Cybersecurity Attacks

Cyber threats can affect your business at any time and result in hours of downtime. One of the best ways to prevent a successful cyberattack is to partner with an IT consultant in Tampa. An IT consultant provides your company the ultimate protection against these threats by monitoring your servers around the clock, offering IT help desk support, and giving you access to the latest security updates.

#2 Power Outages

A power outage due to severe weather or other unforeseen circumstances can also create issues for your business. You can reduce the negative impact of a power outage by using cloud-based hosting from an IT service provider. All of your information is saved in real-time on the cloud, so you will never have to worry about losing any data due to an unforeseen power outage.

#3 Employee Mistakes

Employees are always prone to mistakes that can lead to downtime for your company. An employee opening a malware-infected email attachment or falling victim to a social engineering attack are a couple of ways an employee mistake can create downtime for your organization. However, IT support can train employees on the latest cybersecurity trends to limit these common mistakes in the workplace.

#4 Hardware Failure

Hardware failure is another common occurrence that creates IT downtime. The best way to keep your business protected is to upload all of your essential data onto the cloud each day. These data backups can always be accessed from any location, as you will never have to worry about losing large amounts of information due to hardware failure.

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