Why Every Medical Office Needs to Work with an IT Support Provider


Medical IT support is vital in today’s ever changing technological landscape.

Akin to many other fields, the healthcare service landscape is undergoing rapid transformation attributable to technological advancements. Managed security service providers can enable healthcare industry leaders to continuously move towards availing enhanced patient care with more efficiency and within a budget.

Due to digitization, medical IT support can benefit medical offices through optimization at the operational level as well as across the whole value chain.

From hospital management systems to patient care, electronic health records, and even virtually assisting patients, the meaningful contributions of technology are innumerable.

Technological Advancement in Healthcare

It’s undeniable that today’s patient is more technology-savvy. This demands you adopt digital solutions to support you in remodeling the entire patients’ life-cycle. This grants you the necessary tools—affording your patients personalized, timely, and rewarding treatment journeys.

As a result of technology, some disruptions you’re likely to come across in the medical IT support field include; smart-hospitals, operating room surgical devices, wearable-tech assisted operations, besides telemedicine.

Technology Enabled Care (TEC)

TEC covers a myriad of fields, including; telecare, telehealth, telemedicine, eHealth, digital health, mHealth, and more. Apart from integrating health technology and digital media, it also provides for mobile platforms.

In addition, Technology Enabled Care grants you immense capabilities, providing holistic solutions for patient monitoring alongside health care and wellness.

Benefits of IT Support for Healthcare

1. Enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Technology helps you minimize the cost of patient care plus monitoring expenditure for long term patients.

A recent Deloitte report projects the global health care expenditure to increase at a CAGR of 5% in 2019-23. What does this statistic indicate? If you’re in the healthcare sector, this could potentially be a period characterized by more opportunities for rapid growth.

By factoring in past disruptions and analyzing the current drivers of change, you can develop an IT strategy supported by managed security services to improve access to healthcare.

2. Upgrade enterprise processes and boost outcomes

Digital and mHealth solutions stand to benefit from increased penetration of the internet supported by smartphone technology. As per previous BCC Research estimates, the mobile health market was on course to reach $21.5 Billion. This change represents a considerable CAGR growth of 54.9% by 2018, a significant rise that takes into consideration 2013 as the base year.

Aside from that, the rise in apps made available by healthcare firms, together with relatively high engagement rates associated with the apps, has brought about prolific growth in this market.

So, what does this imply? Primarily, the emergence of mobile devices as an essential facet of people’s lives can enable both patients and physicians to maximize the benefits of the mobile framework.

IT support services can help patients in their effort to self-manage as well as monitor their health. On the other hand, medical offices can leverage IT for pivotal information in real-time. Besides, these home telehealth solutions also avail doctors an avenue to conduct remote monitoring of patients’ well-being.

Further, TEC also caters to healthcare providers’ informational needs through technologies such as medical IT support reference apps.

3. Healthcare IT support empowers patients

IT support for healthcare provides the means by which patients can gain access to their records, i.e., this can include ailment information, symptoms, plus treatment procedures, and more.

Accordingly, it helps you transmit pertinent documents that keep your patients informed. As a result, these tools enable you to curb patient anxiety and apprehension during their treatment cycles.

  1. HIPAA Compliance

As a practice manager or provider, you have to deal with HIPAA regulations continuously. Annexed to other demands of your medical office, it’s understandable that meeting and maintaining HIPAA compliance requirements can somewhat be a daunting challenge.

Even so, leveraging on managed security services in Tampa can ensure you are HIPAA compliant by:

  • Efficiently helping you follow through with mission-critical applications
  • Boost performance of EHR or EMR systems
  • Limit exposure to HIPAA compliance violations and fines
  • Providing data backup services alongside timely Disaster Recovery Services and thus helping you secure your patients’ records

As a reputable managed security service provider, we offer you HIPAA compliant IT, networking, in addition to computer support. Fittingly, we can also assist you to prevent ransomware through network vulnerability assessments along with penetration tests. Enable you to curb cyberthreats and guarantee you’re one step ahead of your peers.

Likewise, our Tampa IT support team can refine your medical IT support solutions—bringing about meaningful use of your IT systems, while also expediting your implementation setup. Reach out to Tampa Bay Tech Solutions today!