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Ensure You are HIPAA Compliant

Always ensuring that your medical or dental office is remaining in HIPAA compliance is a top priority or you risk paying significant fines that will damage the reputation of your company.

Tampa Bay tech Solutions is a managed security services provider that provides medical IT support to help ensure you are HIPAA compliant at all times. We also give your company access to the latest cybersecurity protection.

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Our HIPAA compliant services include:

Ensure you are hippa compliant

Email Encryption - Confidentiality is key in the medical and dental industry, as a HIPAA compliant IT company will follow the latest guidelines by ensuring that each email is always encrypted. Email encryption prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to emails and gives you much-needed peace of mind to know that your data is always safe and secure.

Password Protection - Another way to ensure you are HIPAA compliant is to use a managed security service provider that offers password protection for each account. HIPAA laws require that any unattended computer must automatically lock and require a password to regain access to the system. Failure to follow this rule can lead to a fine of up to $50,000. However, an IT provider can help you avoid such a drastic situation and make sure you are HIPAA compliant in all areas in the dental or medical industry.

Activity Logs -A managed security services provider also allows you to keep a record of activity logs for each employee. These activity logs display which employees accessed specific files as this information can help pinpoint any security vulnerabilities or a potential data breach. These audit controls provide additional information that is an extra layer of security to ensure you are HIPAA compliant at all times.

Tampa Bay Tech Solutions specializes in helping businesses in the medical and dental field to have access to the latest technology, while also ensuring that you are HIPAA compliant. Any HIPAA violations can destroy the reputation of any company, and it is our mission to provide you with the best HIPAA Compliant IT Support available. We can also help with data backup services.

If you wish to learn more about Tampa Bay Tech Solutions for managed security services, and how we can ensure you are HIPAA compliant please contact us today to schedule a free analysis.