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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that patient records remain secure at all times, whether it’s in a written or electronic format. Always staying in HIPAA compliance is a top priority for covered entities and business associates. Failure to remain HIPAA compliant may result in significant financial fines and even criminal penalties. However, you can avoid these dire circumstances by choosing to partner with Tampa Bay Tech Solutions to ensure you are HIPAA compliant at all times. Tampa Bay Tech Solutions is one of the leading IT service companies in Florida. Our team understands the importance of protecting patient records by following the latest IT security standards in the industry.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider working with Tampa Bay Tech Solutions to keep your patient’s data protected and always remain HIPAA compliant.

Access Control

Protecting electronic health documents is essential. Working with professional IT support in Tampa will ensure only authorized employees have access to these confidential records. These activity logs monitor employee actions at all times and can quickly identify any suspicious activity. Tampa Bay Tech Solutions will also implement integrity controls to ensure that these electronic health records aren’t improperly modified or destroyed.

Establish a Secure Network

Remaining in HIPAA compliance requires technical expertise to avoid data breaches and keep information out of the hands of cybercriminals. Tampa Bay Tech Solutions specializes in establishing a secure network through the use of advanced and efficient monitoring services, firewall protection, and patch management services. These proactive IT services will keep confidential records protected and ensure that you remain one step ahead of cybercriminals!

Always Meet Compliance Policies

Always following the latest HIPAA regulations is an extensive process that requires significant resources to avoid the chance of data breaches. Most companies do not have the expertise to remain in HIPAA compliance. Partnering with managed services in Tampa will give you the peace of mind to know that your patient’s information is well-protected by the latest cybersecurity standards in the industry. An IT provider understands how to implement guidelines to keep data secure at all times by following HIPAA compliance rules.

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Tampa Bay Tech Solutions is an IT service provider that understands the importance of HIPAA compliance. We help your business remain HIPAA compliant by establishing access control, maintaining a secure network, and always helping meet the latest HIPAA regulations.

Contact us today at (813) 343- 2562 to schedule a free analysis and learn how Tampa Bay Tech Solutions can help you remain HIPAA compliant!