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Tampa Bay Tech Solutions offers managed IT security services for both small and medium-sized businesses in Tampa, Florida. IT support in Tampa is available to help businesses with any technical issues, while also keeping companies well-protected with the latest technology. Tampa Bay Tech Solutions also serves a wide range of clients. Whether your medical company needs to remain in HIPAA compliance or your law firm needs legal IT support.

Tampa Bay Tech Solutions takes pride in offering the best customer support possible while always meeting the high expectations and specific needs of each client.

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Here are just a few of the benefits of working with Tampa Bay Tech Solutions for IT support.


Cybersecurity Protection

Cyber-attacks can devastate the reputation of a business and lead to countless hours of downtime. Many companies that suffer a cyber-attack are unable to stay in business due to the high costs of downtime and the loss of critical data. However, Tampa IT support gives your business the best protection available against a wide range of cyber threats. Network monitoring services, best practice methods, and automatic security updates are just a few ways Tampa IT support can keep your business safe and secure in today’s digital work environment.

Data Backup & Recovery Services

The loss of data can destroy the reputation of any business and also lead to significant fines, especially if you are in the healthcare industry. Creating data backups is one of the most effective ways to protect against data loss. Professional IT support can automatically upload these backups onto an offsite cloud server for an additional layer of protection. These data backups will give you the peace of mind to know that your business can always access this information at any time, and you will never have to worry about the permanent loss of data.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology allows your employees to collaborate on multiple projects, while also working from nearly any location. Employees have the freedom to work at home or any other area with access to the internet. Tampa IT support allows you to choose from a wide variety of software programs on the cloud without having to purchase expensive software licenses.

Computer Repair & Maintenance

Tampa Bay Tech Solutions also specializes in computer repair and maintenance services. You can always reach out to Tampa IT support at any time if you experience any issues with your computer or software programs. Tampa IT support technicians are always available to answer questions and will walk you through step by step to fix any problems, or remote into your computer and fix it themselves. We also have Tampa based technicians that can come on-site when a repair is needed that cannot be handled remotely. Proactive maintenance from Tampa IT support is also available to ensure that everything is running at an optimal level.

Critical Error Monitoring Services

Tampa Bay Tech Solutions will monitor your network at all times to maximize uptime and limit the chance of any downtime or data loss. Critical error monitoring services will immediately identify any potential problems and prevent a small issue from turning into a large-scale problem. Tampa IT support will minimize downtime for your business and ensure that your employees remain productive.

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