Todd and his team helped me move back from the horrible fiber optic contract I had, to a better VOIP system and 14 times faster internet and did it all for 25% of what I was paying the ridiculously big, fat, slow company I had before TB Tech Solutions. Oh, and I used some of my savings to pay for 24/7 comprehensive tech support for my business. So now I'm faster, more agile as a business, have dedicated tech support, and more money at the end of the month.


I am just a user as I am not in control of my company's IT, but thus far TB Tech Solutions have been the best, most responsive IT company I've personally encountered in any job I've had yet. They're dedicated and driven to find a solution and they think about the problem 360 degrees. It's such a relief having them. Thank you!


We are a new client of Tampa Bay Tech Solutions LLC and they have been absolutely on top of things. We have had minor issues which they were able to resolve immediately. The entire staff is very professional and helpful and awesome. I highly recommend them.